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Business is transforming and ageing enterprise networks are inadequate and unprepared for the fast evolving ‘digital’ world. Existing systems, based on traditional technology, are unable to keep pace with the growing volume of data and complexity of modern business transactions. Despite spending millions of dollars on maintaining and enhancing ageing solutions, institutions worldwide continue to face an uphill battle in addressing the needs of the fast evolving digital world.

Meanwhile, the blockchain, a cryptographic ledger comprising of a digital log of transactions shared across a public or private network, can address many of the pitfalls of existing legacy systems. Blockchain and emerging Web 3.0 technologies allows institutions to develop secure, peer-to-peer, trust-based digital business networks and is swiftly setting up multiple industries for significant disruption – or crucial transformation, depending which side of the table you look at it from.

Blockchain Worx traces its origins to a central bank and regulator asking the team to explore distributed ledger technology and help design a solution for AML – Transaction monitoring.

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Blockchain Worx is a Singapore headquartered FinTech-RegTech venture focused on helping institutions harness the potential of Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies for digital transformation in the Metaverse era. Our solutions - including a Digital Banking framework, a Tokenized Securities platform and an Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring system - are targeted at helping organizations leverage Distributed Ledger Technology to develop next-gen business, finance and regulatory networks.

The core team at Blockchain Worx has a cumulative experience of over seven decades across technology, management & business and has worked with various enterprise and start-up/greenfield initiatives across the US, EU, Asia & Africa. Building on top of this vast expertise, the team offers a contemporary mix of thought leadership, Blockchain expertise and global business acumen, which forms a cornerstone of the value proposition to clients. We work closely with an advisory board and a set of strategic partners spread across the globe.




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To make the most out of this disruptive technology, Blockchain Worx has, since its inception, consciously embraced a global collaboration model. We partner with some of the most reputed consulting agencies, technology players and solution providers across the world to ensure that we efficiently reach out and address the critical areas of business concern and sustainably exploit the technological opportunity that stares at us today.

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