Next Generation Decentralized Digital Asset Management

Blockchain Worx is collaborating with decentralized exchange WandX to develop one-of-a-kind token products aimed at helping digital asset investing go mainstream. The firms will create themed pick-and-trade 'token baskets' using WandX's proprietary Basket Protocol.

The products will blend emerging digital assets based on Blockchain technology with best practices from traditional financial instruments to create ready-to-invest token portfolios on self-executing smart contracts. Apart from being cost-effective, this approach allows individuals as well as institutional users to balance digital asset holdings, promotes seamless token portfolio creation and offers smart risk management.

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Blockchain Worx is an approved Sponsor Firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a world-leading institutional grade Token Sale Platform and Digital Asset Exchange. We can provide you with a set of services and a structured approach to help your project achieve the prerequisite and comply with requirements to achieve a successful listing on the GBX Grid and Exchange.

Project Review
and Audit

Eligibility Review,
Project Evaluation & Gap Analysis

Token Sale Administration

Token Sale, Exchange Listing & Adherence to Standards

Consulting &

Business Strategy, Token Model, Technology, Security, Communications & Legal

[ The GBX is a subsidiary of the EU-regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange. For more information visit ]

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